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Southeast Regional Director

Executive Director

Dr. Anderson has a passion for seeing company wellness improve. During her tenure at one of the largest Chiropractic clinics in the USA, she saw patients from tons of companies including Panasonic, the Public School System, and many others. This led her to see the great need for company healthcare to be a primary focus rather than a secondary afterthought.

"Feeling great shouldn't be a vague, out-of-reach objective. It should be readily available and we exist to bring that directly to the companies in our area."

We believe in partnership at Health Fairs USA. Therefore, each area of Health Fairs USA is locally headed by a group of doctors & facilities in that region.

Northeast Regional Director

Shane Becker 

Shane has a big passion for employee wellness. His family has been involved in healthcare for over 20 years. According to him "we spend so much of our days at work. It's imperative that companies take to heart the wellbeing of their company."

Northwest Regional Director

Tyler Peterson

Tyler is excited to serve the Northwest Region. He is a nature enthusiast, with a fan of buffalo, buffalo wings, plains, nature, hiking and skiing. When not working, he enjoys being active and spending time with wife, family, kids and friends. Health is wealth!

Midwest Regional Director

Sherra Conde

Having grown up in a family where health was not a priority, Sherra got to see full well the effects that has on everyone involved. She believes work should support people's wellbeing and is excited to help the Midwest Region of the USA.

IT Director

Jared Rose

Jared received his bachelors degree from University of Florida in 2005. He had a long struggle with health for years on years. He realized that after studying engineering, your health is an integral part of your life. He is proud to support companies in their wellness initiatives and participate in making our country and society healthier. When not working, he enjoys chicken wings, chalupas, and pizzas.

Joshua Widjaja

Josh was one of the key foundational members of Health Fairs USA. He is responsible for helping keep our IT infrastructure intact across all divisions. He has worked in healthcare for years and is proud to be part of the Health Fairs USA team.

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